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OCTOBER 28TH,2005 PRESS RELEASE ( enigma update):

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EMAILS BETWEEN KELLY AND MILLER : First mentioned in News.Telegraph 7-20-03 ( emails),,,,

Other sites /data:,,
Governor's Private Session (pdf) Governors Private Session :,
( Please also see, )
( Other data has been accumulated from a variety of sources:, Guardian, BBC, Independent,
Scotsman, Daily Telegraph, Big Brass Alliance, DSM blogs, Best of Blogs, LA Times, and hundreds of
little underground papers and of course the true french resistance fighting the Bush Regime: Bloggers)

( Blogs of Strength: RawStory, Agitprop, FireDogLake,CafePolitico,RecoveringLiberal,Washingtonnotes,ThinkProgress
and many others)

Element One : TIMELINE
Just like any well thought out nefarious plot, there are some critical elements that need to be in play.
The timeline of Events. this is my timeline put together from numerous articles and books, and
links, blogs etc. It is not complete, if anyone knows of events that I have missed I will add.

Element Two: Motive. Just like the best Perry Mason episode, the Motive was always in the Open:
it was What was Missing, the Weapons of Mass Destruction. ( Reread the Downing Street Memo)
* also read Wilson's article " What I did not find in Africa " July 6,2003 NYT-editorial*

Element three: the List of Players.....( See Watergate Summer: The King's List of Dishonor, , ) Reporters are all named there as well.

Today the Focus is the Timeline, as other issues arise over the next few weeks, or memories get
jogged, I will be adding and changing this. ( An example of this is one week ago we did not know
about the Notebook and Judy"s meeting with Scooter at the St.Regis....or the Rove emails, now we do
so they are included in the Timeline)

( Know this May 2003 to July 2003 the WMD Questions were a Problem )
( this Timeline is composed of multiple sources: Daily Telegraph, Truthout, BBC, Daily Kos, WesPac,Clark
Community Network,Guardian, Hindu News, Ragged Thoughts, Digby,Rawstory, Agritprops,HuffingtonPost,
and others)

FEBRUARY 2002 Wilson went to Africa to examine Niger-uranium issue.

SEPT 8,2002: Cheney goes on MEET THE PRESS and first voices concerns about Possible Uranium purchase from Niger
by Iraq.
March20,2003 The Iraq War started, WMD/UN inspection not complete.

MAY 2, 2003 : "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" the Filght Deck Moment.

MAY 6,2003 : Nicholas Kristoff ( NYT Columnist) wrote about an Exploratory trip to Niger re.Yellowcake. ( this describes Wilson's trip, but does not name Wilson by name )This 48 hour time period also is when Air Fleisher decides that he will be giving notice and leaving the administration during the summer. ( Ari's final day ends up being July 14th, noon, four hours after the Novak article comes out in the papers ).

MAY 22,2003 : David Kelley meets with Andrew Gilligan of the BBC at the Sharing Cross Hotel. David Christopher Kelley , Minister of Defence , and also member of the WMD UN Weapons Inspection team.

MAY 28/29, 2003 : BBC airs controversial stories about the possible "Sexed Up" War data/Dossier re WMD to go to War.( The DSM issue rears it's ugly head for the first time)

LATE MAY: ( ADDED AFTER INDICTMENT ON 10-28-05) Libby asked Grossman about Wilson's trip to Niger., because Grossman was the person that ordered the report regarding the trip. ( Rawstory/ Huffington Post)

JUNE 2003 : Bushco and Cheney and Pentagon spent many hours and photo-ops still pushing the WMD argument.
(see Whitehouse websites and Pentagon websites, atleast 15 speeches and photo ops between Bush and Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice stating accomplishments of Iraq operations)

JUNE 9,2003 : Number of Classified documents were faxed to WH- to VP office, from CIA, to Libby.They were classified , they did not name Wilson, but they did tell of the trip to Niger.

JUNE 10,2003: State Department drafts memo about Valerie Plame, noting Covert her status by putting a S by her name. ( the S stands for secret). ( Who saw this document on the plane- Rove, Bolton, Powell, Rice,Tenet there have been specualtions about each of them....Rove is the one that originally claimed that he did not remember the S document)

JUNE 11,2003 Libby spoke with CIA to ask about origin and cicumstances of Wilsons' trip.

JUNE 12, 2003 Sean McCormack of State Dept. goes before UN Security Council and admits the Niger Documents are Forged. ( the ones with the alleged Italy origin and sent to Britian, that can be disproved with google search in about half an hour).

JUNE 12, 2003::: ( THIS WAS ADDED 10-28-05 FROM INDICTMENT PAGE 5, SECTION 9.) Scooter advised by VP that Wilson's wife was in employ of the CIA. Scooter met with CIA staffer on 6-14-03 to discuss Wilson's trip, Wilson's wife.

****MORE ON JUNE 12,2003: NEW ENIGMA UPDATE: AS OF 10-24-05 according to NEW NYT update: Libby took notes with meeting with Cheney in which Cheney asked questions about Wilson's wife. Yet Cheney went on Meet-the-Press and told Russert Sept 2003 he knew Nothing about Wilson's wife and that he did not know Wison. Enigma questions that statement as Cheney was chief of staff with Bush I and would have known Wilson as that time.Libby susposedly just found the notes recently.*************

JUNE 18,2003 Garner brought home, had been incharge of basic operations in Iraq before Bremer,
he was in charge of water systems and also the Prisons. This date he reported to Bush and senior
officials and was honored in the Rose Garden. ( He also helped the UN teams organize sites to inspect).
Bremer now instated in Iraq. Bush said Garner "did a Superb job".

JUNE 19,2003 BBC aired first report of Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction.Bloodiest week of Iraq war thus far.

JUNE 20,2003 Rumsfeld gives speech "World needs to work harder to control Nuclear Weapons"

JUNE 21,2003 Bush gives radio address:" US facing Down Remnants of Iraqi Regime" Mentions Scientists are being questioned about Saddam's Weapons Programs. ( Smallpox scare still going on, first responders and medical workers are to be vacinated)

JUNE 22,2003: Articles: Search for Saddma intensifies. Polls of 16-23 show Public is growing skeptical of WMD issues. Smallpox warnigns issued.First Encoruagement given for health care workers to get vaccinated.

JUNE 23,2003 Judy meets with Scooter at the Executive offices ( The NOTEBOOK that was not produced to the Prosecutor until October 2005- has notes, "Valerie Flame" ). This visit was not revealed by Judy, but by Secret Service Records provided by Prosecutor to jog her memory , THE NOTEBOOK was not produced until she came to meet with the Prosecutor for the scond time in October 2005.

JULY 2,2003 Bush' s BRING "EM ON Speech.

*** Sometime during this Month July 2003 Jeff Gannon "Dale" was appearing at the WH press conferences, DAILY. It remains unclear who vetted him, it should have been Gonzales.
Was he watching the media monitoring if they were taking the "bait" ? or monitoring how they responded to Wilson etc.

JULY 6,2003 : Wilson's " What I did not find in Africa" editorial NYT

JULY 7,2003: Novak places call to the WH - for Ari Fleisher.
( Ari has not announced last day yet)

JULY 8,2003 : BBC MOLE is outed( one of their sources) It is said to be David Kelley. This is the Same day that Judy Miller met with Scooter at the St.Regis Hotel. ( Notes in Notebook say Valerie Flame- but it is thought those note are from meeting in executive office June 23,2003)

JULY 8,2003 : Novak places call to WH to speak with Rove. ( * Enigma questions: unclear if they spoke, was he told to call Carl by Ari ?)

JULY 7-9,2003: Blair denies that his administration outed Kelley.

JULY 9, 2003 : Novak calls Rove about Wilson.

JULY 11,2003 : Rove speaks with Matt Cooper, Wilson and his wife are part of the conversation in mention. ( there is an email vaildating this). Rove says that he told Libby about contact with Novack.

JULY 11,2003 : Tenet releases a statement that the 16 Words should NOT have been in the Presidents speech.Downplays the signfigance of the report that that Wilson brought back, even though he is not mentioned him by name.
****( Please see below about conversation between Scooter and Cheney on July12,2003)

July 12,2003 Judy Miller had phone call with Scooter ( Notes from that phone call"Victoria Wilson" ) ***SCOOTER ALSO CONSULTED WITH CHENEY THIS DAY ABOUT WHAT REPORTERS ARE TO BE TOLD REGARDING WILSON'S TRIP TO AFRICA, CHENEY TOLD SCOOTER TO REFER JOURNALISTS TO MEMO BY TENET, this was said by Cheney Spokesman Stephen E.Schmidt ( RawStory oct,1,2005) This clearly shows discussions were held about what to do about Wilson- before the Novak article came out.

ADDED ;;; ( Scooter told to Grand Jury 3/5/2004), Scooter Libby discussed Wilson with Cooper on July 12,2003 , said Cooper that other reporters told him that Wilson's wife was CIA. Scooter said he told Cooper that he didn't know Wilson or his wife.

JULY 13,2003: Jack Straw ( UK Secretary ) defends Brit Intelligence re. Iraq- Niger Claims

JULY 14,2003: AM NOVAK'S INFAMOUS ARTICLE OUT IN THE AM , 12:03 Pm Ari Fleisher LAST press conference, the transcripts are on the WH website.
(ENIGMA note ::::Please see the Questions by Helen Thomas to Ari, re. WMD, Wilson etc. Important on the WH transcript)

JULY 15/16 Kelley testifies before the HOC Intelligence and Security Committee regarding the WMD issue, it is aired on BBC and C-span. Judy Miller emails Kelley on the 16th.

JULY 16,2003 : Judy's email of the 16th to David C.Kelley WMD Brit Expert, part of UN Inspection team , Judy wrote to him about the hearing the hearings of July 15/16th. : "David I heard from another member of your fan club that things went well for you today. Hope it's true. J"

*** WHO the is the Member of the Fan Club ? and did she watch the Hearings on TV, BBC or C-span ? and did she know Bolton was issuing a statement on the 18th about WMD ? *****

JULY 16,2003: David Corn raises the possibility ( in print, THE NATION) that the Plame outing is indeed a FEDERAL offense

JULY 17, 2003 : Kelley reponds to Judy's email: " Judy I will wait until end of week before judging. Many dark actors playing games. Thanks for your support. I appreciate your friendship at this point. Best David." [ regretfully Enigma does not know and can not find TIMES of emails, it is hoped that someone has forwarded these emails to Fitzgerald]

**** Google:[Miller+ Kelly + WMD ]or [Miller+ Kelley + Emails], also go to WesPac site for more info on emails.They were not posted in the NYT, or mentioned by Miller in her articles., that Enigma can find*****

JULY 17,2003: 3-3:30 PM Kelley took his usual walk by his home. ( and went missing for the next 18-24 hours, search parties searched his house and walking areas. )

JULY 17,2003 "WAR ON WILSON" TIME article by Matt Copper published on website

JULY 18, 2003 Kelly missing.

JULY 18,2003 John Bolton testifies to State Department Inspector about Iraqi Attemtps to procure Uranium from Niger.

****Enigma note( don't forget that he did visit Judy twice while she was in jail)
*** Please read more on this at Daily Kos, WesPac site about Bolton's testifying on this issue-seems in March of this year prior to recess appointment he did not remember this testimony of 2003....

JULY 18, 2003 ( late in day) Kelley's Body found, propped standing upright against tree in area that had been previously searched, minimal blood noted at site. He susposedly "slashed his wrist". He had one slash on left wrist ( writing hand) that started on the ulnar side and did not fully penetrated ulnar or radial artery. Autopsy reports when reviewed by experts were not convinced that the actual wound was extensive enough, and that blood loss was life threatening. He was also found with FOUR heart monitor electrode patches on his chest. No resusitaitve efforts were ever made, there is no explantaion for finding these patches on him at the site he was found. Paramedic crews were questioned. He also was noted to have abrasions and bruise that were explained "must have injured himself in the rough brush". This is inaccurate, as there is no rough brush near by. Tox screen revealed Img/1ml of co-praxamol present when found. There was no suicide note found at site. Six Monthes later the Hutton Inquiry and Report were released stating that he died allegedly of suicide. His death was not reported with any detail in press until July 22,2003.

JULY 20,2003 Judy Miller published her article in NYT on the Missing Weapons, and the obstacles that the WMD Inspectors faced in Iraq.
**** Please note she still at this time or later did go public with her emails to and from Kelley.

(1) CNN( 10-20-05) Rove testified to SP that he first heard about Wilson's wife in SPRING 2003 in a CASUAL setting.

( Next updates of Summer 2003: Blairs visit stateside-unscheduled. Bush's Africa trip. stay posted, and more info about the Brits investigation and the Niger documents issue)

SEPT 14,2003 Cheney went on MEET THE PRESS and Cheney said he did not KNOW Wilson and did not know who hired him to go to Africa ( after Russert asked him). That he did not know Wilson or his wife. ( Cheney should have known Wilson from working for Bush I in the early 1990's)

Mr.Bush said , " If there is a Leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is ?.... If the person has violated the Law, that person will be taken care of ?.... I want to know the Truth .....Leaks are Bad Things "

JUNE 5,2004 BUSH met with DC criminal attorney James E.Sharp regarding the Leak Case.

October 26,2005 2000 Dead in Iraq.
October 28, 2005 First Criminal Indictments brought by Fitzgerald against I.Lewis Scooter Libby at 12:44pm Press release. 1:09 Pm Libby's Resignation announced publicly, though it had been filed hours earlier with Andy Card.